House Cleaning: 5 Things Cleaning Services Don’t Tell You

Cleaning your own home takes about 10 hours a month. That is 10 hours you could be doing something else that is more productive. Cleaning and maid services are finding that there is plenty of home cleaning business in today’s chaotic world and some franchises claim that their business increased by over 75% in one year.

There are over 22,000 cleaning and maid service companies that range from self-employed housekeepers to franchised concerns to local cleaning services. Finding the rightmaid service is crucial when trust your home to someone else to clean. Check out your local maid service who regularly receives high reviews for their cleaning, carpet maintenance, windows washing services and emergency clean-up services. home inspector colorado springs

What you are not told…

Our word is our guarantee, not. There is no way of knowing if your cleaning service or hired housekeeper will do the job you want until they have “cleaned” and gone. You may find that anyone can have a cleaning business card, claim to be a housecleaner, and just comes in our home and “piddles” around. Check out the Association of Residential Cleaning Professions list of who’s who in cleaning services and ask for at least three references from former customers.

We clean quickly, but poorly. Many housekeepers try to do several homes in one day. They move through homes and clearing quickly and inefficiently. This causes loss of property, bad cleaning and attention to detail. There are many stories about maid services or housekeepers who inadvertently throw away valuable belonging without thinking.

Misleading qualifications. Not everyone in a maid or housecleaning service really has the skills to clean. Ask about training before hiring. There are maid services that train their employees long before they are contracted out to clean homes. Look for maid services that train their employees.

Price tags are inflated. To clean a four-bedroom, three bath home on a two week schedule is generally between $80 and $100. If you are new at using an agency, however, you might just find that they “pad” the bill by doing what they determine is a deep clean of your home. Wipe out the refrigerator instead of only the handle, move the couch to vacuum under it; these will cost you extra the first time around if you are not careful.

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