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Mi Note 10 Pro has received rave reviews since its launch on 5th November. The impressive feature that makes it a great buy is the physical design. It looks just like a Notebook in terms of the look and feel. It is definitely a unique device which has been reviewed as one of the best Android smartphones.

The physical design of Mi Note 10 Pro has some distinct features. For example, there is a soft leather material around the sides of the phone which gives it a nice futuristic feel. Apart from the large flat screen, the aluminum body is also very appealing. The fingerprint scanner located at the centre of the home key also draws a lot of attention. The Mi Note 10 Pro has been equipped with a dual camera set in one of its corners. It has an eight megapixel camera on the front and a 5 megapixel one on the back.

Another unique feature of the mi Note comes along with the hybrid SIM tray. This dual SIM tray enables you to use two SIM cards simultaneously which helps you get connected to the internet any time. The Mi Note comes along with four customizable widgets which include the Google Now tab, Google Search tab, HTC Style tab, and Gmail tab. The widget called Gmail tab is actually a shortcut to the new Gmail account. Mi Note 10 Pro

On the other hand, the Miui 11 advanced mobile phone features a nice dual LED flash light. This helps illuminate the screen when the screen is off thus making it a lot easier to navigate through the various options that the handset offers. The Miui 11 runs on the Windows operating system out of the box. However, you can install third party apps such as Flip, Fastcharge, Boost, Oxygen Plus, iogen, etc. to customize the phone according to your preferences.

Other features that come along with the Mi Note pro include the octa core processor, 1 GB of RAM, a nice large screen, a two megapixel camera with infrared, a large battery, a nice large keyboard, a whisper quiet speaker, and a decent amount of memory storage. At present, the Mi Note pro has yet to face any major disadvantages despite being launched just a few months ago. The battery life of this handset is sufficient enough for most users, even people who use their phone for long hours everyday.

If you want to buy a high end device, without breaking your bank, you should consider purchasing the Mi Note pro which is equipped with all the features mentioned above. There are various websites online that sell these devices but before buying from these websites you should make sure that they are legitimate and that they are selling the actual device that you wish to buy. You should also ensure that the company that you buy from offers free shipping as well.

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